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Canon – Canon is ideal for photographs. Their printers often specialize in printing photos at home. Canon also supplies photo paper and ink. Combined with the printer, the ink and paper choice makes clear and vibrant images that look great in a frame or brochure. At Office Saver, you can find the right printer, paper, ink, and other printing supplies from the Canon brand to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Epson – Epson products are more suited for a professional environment. Epson printing supplies include ink & toner, paper, printers, and scanners. Epson does supply photo paper but these products are better for printing documents and scanning.

HP – HP is a very well-rounded brand. While the printers are great for basic document printing and black and white documents, the image quality is wonderful as well. The images printed from HP are clear and of good quality. HP produces multifunction machines such as scanners, printers for larger papers, and copiers. We also supply multipurpose paper, coated paper, banner paper, and more from the HP brand. These products are well suited in an office setting where you will need simple print-outs as well as professional-grade presentation materials.