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Whether you’re restocking your printer or teaching an art class we have the paper you need. Impress clients with stunning colors and graphics on our photo paper, while enjoying crystal clear images on our inkjet paper. You can find the paper you need for any task in our selection of colors, weights, and sizes.

Choosing The Right Paper

It is important to choose the right paper for the task at hand. Here are some helpful hints to make sure that you utilize the paper you have correctly:

Copy paper is a lighter type of paper. The grade of the paper is determined by brightness levels which affect how light is reflected from the paper. It is commonly used in laser printers, fax machines and copiers. This is the right paper from printing emails or other common documents. It is good quality and relatively inexpensive.

Inkjet Paper is a coated paper that produces high quality documents because the fibers in the paper better absorb the ink from modern day printers. Inkjet paper is great for printing high quality images and for documents with colors because it produces sharper colors and high resolution images. Inkjet paper is available in photo paper, glossy paper and regular inkjet paper, as well as adhesive paper and other specialty uses.

Laser Paper is similar to inkjet paper, but it is specially designed for the toner used in laser printers. Copy paper is often used in laser printers as well.

Photo Paper is specialty paper used for printing pictures at home. This type of paper is best when used with photo printers and creates sharp, clear images. The glossy finish of photo paper lets the ink dry more quickly to prevent smudging.