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Keeping a clean and presentable workspace is crucial. Office Saver has all the products you need to keep your office shining, including products from Mr. Clean, Clorox and Lysol. Help reduce germs from spreading in your workspace with our selection of hand sanitizers and disinfectants for all your office surfaces and electronics. Keyboards can carry more germs than a toilet seat, so keep your employees healthy and your office clean with cleaning essentials from Office Saver.

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We carry floor and carpet cleaners, as well as vacuums for personal or commercial use from top brands like Black & Decker, Hoover and Electrolux. Get the appliances you need for that heavy duty cleaning of your office or home.

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Find the appliances you need to keep the temperature just right and the air clean with fans, space heaters, humidifiers, and air purifiers from Atlantic Breeze, Holmes, and Honeywell. Create the perfect environment for you and your co-workers with these reliable appliances.

Featured Cleaning Supplies

Office Saver also carries the Swiffer Sweeper and Duster. Swiffer has consistently been rated 4 or better out of 5 in customer reviews. Great for cleaning tile and wood floors and easy to store away, this product is a must have.

People spend time and energy finding the right furniture for their office, so it is important to take care of your furniture and chairs with polishes and cleaners. Pledge Grab-It Wipes are a great way to clean and dust surfaces and fabrics that shouldn’t be exposed to wet wipes or sprays. Also at Office Saver you can find Swiffer Dust and Shine Spray which can be used on many surfaces and fabrics without causing harm.

Another green business idea is using eco friendly cleaning products. Avoid using agents that use harmful and toxic chemicals. There are now many eco-friendly solutions available for use with laundry, grease, stains, and other heavy-duty industrial cleaning jobs. Even if you are just cleaning your office, using green products is a great solution for toxic waste. Keep your office sparkling and eco friendly with Office Saver.