8 Common Mistakes Design Mistakes

From social media graphics and website layouts to creating a cohesive grouping of promotional products, there are plenty of opportunities to flex your creative muscles and grow your business at the same time. Whether you’re trying to create a product mockup, designing a new logo, or putting together some print marketing for a new campaign for the first time, creating new artwork doesn’t have to be scary! We’ve put together some of the most common graphic design mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Too Many Fonts

The first mistake that stands out when looking at a novice design vs. a professional design is the number of fonts used. It’s hard to understand the message of the piece if there are too many distracting fonts involved. As fun as it can be to play with fonts to convey different feelings and messages, brands should pick two or three fonts maximum on any design piece. Using a single font can also be impactful since it adds continuity and establishes your brand identity. Make sure you keep the size of the piece in mind when selecting the number of fonts as well as the amount of text. A smaller piece, like the logo above, can only support one font, while larger or more complex pieces like your website can handle a little more creativity.

Also, keep in mind the kerning of your fonts, this means the spacing between the letters, which makes a big difference in the finished product of your artwork. Adjusting the space between letters can make the words more legible and help the overall appearance of the words

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